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Very well done. It was nice to see a halloween video done well pixelated. You also as usual aced the music, goes perfectly with the video.
As mentioned below plenty the Gigyas fight came to mind towards the end there.

Overall I think you did an excellent job on this for what it was. Keep up the work, lots of excellent styles being used by you and they all differ a little bit. Keeps it interesting! Hope to see more in the future.

ClockworkPixel responds:

Thank you ver much. The giygas fight was the main inspiration for the animation haha i like to try different things

Ha, I got the authors comment as soon as I saw that. I saw a music video on newgrounds dedicated to that song a long time ago.
Normally I'd write a comment explaing the ups and downs but I don't think that's necessary.
Keep it up.

Getting some unfair ratings as usual. Overall you did what I'd consider to be an extremely good job. The animation is undeniably fluent and better then a lot of the other stuff around that gets high ratings. Your audio is literally perfect, and the voice for that guy goes along well with it. That alone is a reasonable rating considering that's a huge part of the video itself.
As for the animation itself, the plot: A worm that likes drugs living inside of a man. I've seen much less get much higher and hey, creativity. Definitely not bad especially sense you seem to be using more as a humorous video. I've also seen comedy based video's that are purely random, it doesn't go anywhere. (The high rated artists that everyone knows the names of tend to do this quite often)

Anyway all this being said I can honestly say I respect your work for multiple reasons, I really liked the character he makes me think exactly of the type your displaying in every way. Keep it up, I'll be adding you as a favorite and keeping an eye on your work.

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Heh.. I don't know where to start.. I suppose the first thing I should say is that the game for me ran smoothly. The problem others are experiencing isn't one I'm having.
Anyway you said this was your first game and I must say for a first, damn good! I actually found you did really good on half the controls and not so great on the other half so I'll start with the good.

As far as movement goes aside from wall collision and such which starts to cause some issues jumping and swapping directions is surprisingly smooth. Even the carpet controls are smooth! That being said when you exit the carpet mode your guy falls straight down allowing no control which I'd consider to be an issue. The other problem I've experienced was that you direct your shots with the movement keys which cause a couple problems making enjoying the game a little more difficult.
The last problem that comes to mind would be bullet speed-movement speed. Lets say the controls were smoother it would be too easy. Because the controls aren't though it's at times incredibly difficult to get out of the way in time
(I say this because I used carpet mode 100% of the time seeing as it was purely better than walking, and I wanted to shot faces at all of the guys which I couldn't pull off while trying to aim, and move. Because of this I let myself fall which was always a bad decision because I fell straight down and got it.)
If I was to suggest a solution I wouldn't just say tamper with the controls and fix it up but generally (This is just what I think) But slower moving bullets are safer as long as you use a lot of them. I've always found games much more enjoyable when a lot was happening on screen but it was all avoidable with a reasonable time to react.

Anyway just my input as I said at first I do think you did a pretty good job on this game. Great voice acting, and the audio track was pretty good. Everything can use improvement so don't let the criticism get to you and hopefully I see more from you in the future!

(Exhausted, sorry if this abomination of a review is hard to read at times.)

TheMillz responds:

Thank you for the in depth review. I'm following what you are saying and applying it to future episodes/projects. Thanks again for the review

Alright, overall it did seem to be a pretty good game. I was playing it without a mouse but that obviously won't effect your rating, just take note for this.
I really liked the style if art use in the game and the audio seemed to be quite well suited. The game play in most cases seemed smooth as well.

Being said I found a fairly large issue that I had with the game. You could walk up and down. Don't get me wrong I love side scrollers that support this but there is generally an auto aim up and down the lane based of how high/low you're aiming the weapon. It can cause irritation at times but in this case it would've fixed more then it broke. I've just found that sometimes there were no zombies in the line in front of me but I was standing on a slightly lower platform that bent up, unfortunately I had to travel towards zombies that were coming at me an had no choice but to either wait or engage them at a closer range. Although this wasn't game breaking considering they weren't a huge threat unless massed spawning seemingly.

Aside from the down line aiming the focus/aiming in general worked great. Without a mouse I managed to tolerate it fine which I'm honestly quite impressed with. I absolutely hate track pads but I was able to soldier through this game with one no problems. You nailed the controls themselves.

Another thing I liked that you did with the game was set drops in barrels and seemingly none of zombies (I haven't seen any.) When your trapped in the survival area's it forces you to feel obligated to avoid all damage, who knows how long your going to be stuck or how long it will take you to get the door open, it legitimately makes you work towards progressing through these areas rather than knowing if you last long enough a health will drop off a zombie and you'll be able to walk on as if you aren't getting hit.

One thing I would recommend would be decreasing zombie health and maybe increasing their damage. Really you did nothing wrong here but I'm fairly certain the mass likes dropping the enemies a little bit faster, and being force to or else they take massive amounts of damage. This won't lower stars because it's strictly preference, just a thought.

You have a good game here and it definitely looks like you put work into it. Keep it up, it is a damn good game. A little bit of patching could improve it but what can't be improved?

I did beat this game before, I recall it being fun but a little to easy. I decided to play it again and all of a sudden the first to levels went to hell. Once you get a new gun or anything it's back to easy mode but until then it's like the game wants you to quit right away.
Anyways determination will guarantee victory if you can just bear with it. It's still a pretty fun game. A little more variety or maybe gun upgrades could do quite a bit for a game like this but it isn't necessary, just spilling thoughts.

Keep it up.

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Commenting on the short I had to throw one here as well considering I mentioned the music. I honestly can't find anything wrong with the song, definitely went along well with the short too. Amazing, onto the ipod.

I think you did an amazing job. Reading the authors comments I'd say you easily reached your goal. The noises fit in pretty much perfectly with the music, whether they're all at the right times or the musics just made right to fit them.
5/5 Excellent, keep it up.

As the guy below said but I wouldn't rate you up anyway.. 'i placed this song here because of the ambient background, otherwise it would have gone to classical but i am too lazy for that.'
You'd post it without the rain effects? It wouldn't even be your song. It's Maxence Cyrin's song.. You didn't do so much as try to leave credit, and reading everything you put you seem to be claiming that you've made the song.

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I think you did a very good job on it. Definitely a peice I'm more fond of on newgrounds.

I don't think it would be the same without the dust spread around. It gives it character, as well as the lighting.
One thing I really like is lineart, that isn't an error so much as preference, you won me over on that.
Textures can always be improved don't be hard on yourself about that.

The only thing I'd agree with is that it could be darker. I like the fading around the corners but I do think if it was just made darker it might improve the picture overall, none the less you did good on this. We're on newgrounds afterall, no need to dedicate hours to making the 'perfect' picture.

Good job and keep it up, hopefully you'll release more work like such!

(Keep the shiney metal!)

I must say I'm quite fond of this picture. It's very well done and the colour, or lack of colour whichever you'd prefer, is pleasing on the eyes.
One thing that bothers me a little (This is small so pay no serious mind to it.) Is the hammer on the gun. I may be wrong and that may not be the hammer but the gun is firing and it's still pulled backed. He could just have a damn good trigger finger though.
There are also the small things mentioned by the below comments but honestly I find these deformities add to the picture.

None the less amazing job! Very impressive and keep it up. I'd like to see more like this.


That's awsome.

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