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Very well done. It was nice to see a halloween video done well pixelated. You also as usual aced the music, goes perfectly with the video.
As mentioned below plenty the Gigyas fight came to mind towards the end there.

Overall I think you did an excellent job on this for what it was. Keep up the work, lots of excellent styles being used by you and they all differ a little bit. Keeps it interesting! Hope to see more in the future.

ClockworkPixel responds:

Thank you ver much. The giygas fight was the main inspiration for the animation haha i like to try different things

Ha, I got the authors comment as soon as I saw that. I saw a music video on newgrounds dedicated to that song a long time ago.
Normally I'd write a comment explaing the ups and downs but I don't think that's necessary.
Keep it up.

Getting some unfair ratings as usual. Overall you did what I'd consider to be an extremely good job. The animation is undeniably fluent and better then a lot of the other stuff around that gets high ratings. Your audio is literally perfect, and the voice for that guy goes along well with it. That alone is a reasonable rating considering that's a huge part of the video itself.
As for the animation itself, the plot: A worm that likes drugs living inside of a man. I've seen much less get much higher and hey, creativity. Definitely not bad especially sense you seem to be using more as a humorous video. I've also seen comedy based video's that are purely random, it doesn't go anywhere. (The high rated artists that everyone knows the names of tend to do this quite often)

Anyway all this being said I can honestly say I respect your work for multiple reasons, I really liked the character he makes me think exactly of the type your displaying in every way. Keep it up, I'll be adding you as a favorite and keeping an eye on your work.

Well, there were about 3 or so I actually liked but that happens with collabs. Overall it was pretty good. I never expect to like a lot of what I see in collabs you watch them and hopefully there's something you can enjoy in them and I can say the first as well as another 2 in it I was quite fond of.

The eerie looking pasted one, second last in the video before the credits, there was a song does anyone by any chance have the name of the song or a source? Thanks.

Keep it up, the good content is good.

Excellent! These shorts are coming along well. Great music to go along with it, as usually the animations is done well.
Keep it up.

Comick responds:

Ah thanks man :) And thanks for giving it a look, I'll keep it up!

Very very good! I enjoyed pretty much everything about it, even the music was great (Which I gave you full stars on.) Your style in definitely something I'd like to see more of as well.
All the being said the animation itself could use a bit of work. At times it felt like it could be a little more fluid, as well as more attention to out-of-place-objects like the doors, sun, and chair at the beginning were drawn. They felt a little out of scene if you know what I mean.

Don't let it get you down though you definitely have something here I did even with the above enjoy this animation. Keep it up, always room for improvement.

ClockworkPixel responds:

thank you very much for a constructive review and yeah I agree it could look more fluid and it's something i'm going to try iron out with my next animations

It was okay. Honestly I had trouble keeping myself interested. I found the style to be quite dull, at least the monster anyway, looked kind of silly. The story was simply a family running from a monster to all day which honestly I don't find to be that great, audio/music was great though. I think you nailed that.

It isn't all bad and lost you did pretty good all considered, definitely something here keep it up.

P.S.: Didn't seem artsy to me, it was just a simple plot. Even if it was artsy it's worth something, not 0 stars so take note everyone.

2.5 seems reasonable to me. Stick figure animations are usually decent due to fast paced combat and smooth movement through-out it. It's something anyone can do with effects and such to make it seem cool. Although this one was a little more sluggish then the others greatly dropping the score.
The supposed Master Chief character in this also lacks an extreme amount of detail on everything but the helmet which doesn't suit at all. I understand that it's a stick figure but when you throw a detailed helmet such as that onto one and leave the body as one shade of green it starts to look a little ridiculous, not that this is a big deal. The above still remains your main issue.

The 2.5 mainly comes from the sound. Nailed that so it's definitely on the right track there. And the animation was quite smooth even if sluggish. Keep at it.

I think it's great! Surprised I haven't seen it yet considering it's a year old now. The below comments pretty well covered everything there is to say about it. I could also say it's to short but I saw what I needed to see for imagination to take over the rest and that's what it comes down to in the end.
Great job, keep it up!
(T-shirts amazing.)

Comick responds:

haha thanks for the support! :) I'll keep at them

Oh god, to think he didn't just do away with himself long before freezing to death. No offense to him but god damn why would he want to live like that!
Keep this 'trash' coming, everyone knows trash is the best. People can fill 'trash' with false meanings! Yes, sounds good to me.

BarfQuestion!! :D

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